March 19, 2019

Robust Admin Panel

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  • Easy to use with its categorised navigation system
  • Clean coded and state of art design
  • We ship Masterkey ver 2 with this theme, therefore we will evolve the backend time by time to embrace new technologies as well as trends. you will not be stay old fashioned with jupiter nor a boring same platform.
  • Revolutionary Background selectors, typography management, and many more.

Jupiter is powered by Masterkey Settings. Its not just another WordPress admin panel. Masterkey has been designed and developed in Artbees. Its User interface, UI elements, Icons and all are designed from scratch to provide you with a solid and flawless administration experience across all our current and future themes. It’s simple, powerful and well-organized; all of which is the result of a profound R&D in the market and WP community. No matter you are new to wordpress, an expert blogger or a profesional web designer, you won’t be lost within a labyrinth of settings and options. everything is arranged and placed according to your need, priority and usage frequency.